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Fortunately there’s a secret weapon you can use to give your team that “can do” and “will do” attitude. It’s David A. Koop, the professional speaker and bestselling author. David will boost morale and keep momentum going until your team surpasses goals in ways that will surprise you. Don’t go into your next meeting without him.

From Craig Valentine, 1999 World Champion of Public Speaking

Leading Through Your Toughest Challenges

Teamwork in the face of change
Move instinct to the back and let the best ideas move forward to success

As children we follow our instinct and pick people like ourselves to be around, it’s just natural. When it comes time for picking team mates for dodge ball once again we pick our friends, people like us to be on our team.

It is no surprise that by the time we get to our career that we surround ourselves with people like us. But by doing so we lose all of the other viewpoints limiting our options and leaving many great ideas out because we did not think of them.

During this well received program your group will realize how we got here and most importantly why they should be excited to change. Fear is always the companion of change, we will teach them to value the change, embrace the change and benefit from the change.

They will head back to work with the knowledge and the tools to dramatically improve performance and the work environment.

Cancer It’s a Good Thing I Got It!
The Life Story of a Very Lucky Man

David A. Koop is a Cancer Survivor, Award Winning/Bestselling Author, Keynote Speaker and a Certified World Class Speaking Coach.

His bestselling book, Cancer It’s a Good Thing I Got It! is full of humor and occasional grief. In his book, David tells of the many amazing adventures he has had and of the experiences that formed a man able to battle and defeat terminal cancer with an unwavering positive attitude. David shares ideas and tools that will help others make changes to create the life that they dream of.

David will not only share many of his life adventures but he will also pull back the curtains and share the true behind the curtains details of the publishing business today. Everyone has a book in them just dying to get out. During a lively question and answer period Mr. Koop will help your audience move closer to realizing their dream of becoming a published author.

Media Authority
Cut through the clutter and BS and finally achieve the media results you desire

After decades as a successful serial entrepreneur Koop is now sharing many of the secrets to his success. Mr. Koop has appeared on Good Morning America and has been featured or quoted on all of the major media outlets. Think of all of the time and money that you have invested with little or no results. With the tools that Koop will make available to you those days are over. You can and will be quoted as a media authority with the major networks creating credibility and driving customers to you and your business.

Using leadership systems to create and maintain a culture of integrity and success

As a successful serial entrepreneur David A. Koop has decades of experience building companies and developing employees to work together as successful teams. Each segment of those teams working on their part of a common goal for everyone’s success. As an approachable CEO David learned the value of clear expectations and objectives while holding people accountable for their part of the overall goal. Clear and direct communication up and down the line is a key and central point for success.

Start Living Your Kick Butt Life Now!

What would you do? Your doctor looks into your eyes and says to you “get your affairs in order.”Don’t wait for your own near death experience to make the changes in your life that you really want. The vast majority of people faced with a near death experience make a paradigm shift in their life to finally start living the life that they truly desire, at home and at work. A recent study shows that 81% of all people are unhappy about their life! OMG don’t be part of that 81% any longer.David delivers the motivation and tools to help you achieve success and happiness now!

Helping Each Other Through Illness or Challenge

Learn how to be there for your partner when you are the caregiver and how to help your partner care for you when you are the patient. Clear and direct communication is key to success in any relationship but it isn’t always easy, especially when dealing with a serious illness. David shows you how to effectively deal with life’s largest challenges in a respectful and supportive way.

Here are just of few of the many groups that David works with :

  • American Bar Association
  • American Prepaid Legal Services Institute
  • American Cancer Society
  • Beecher Carlson Insurance Agency
  • Champions Edge
  • Lady and the Champs
  • National Cancer Survivor’s Day
  • National United Affiliated Beverage Association
  • Rotary
  • Relay For Life
  • Signature Insurance Group
  • Marion and Polk County Medical Society
  • PAX
  • Santiam Wine
  • State of Oregon Employers Council
  • Weapons Corporation of America
  • Women of Willamette